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Anthropologie Chicago

4 Feb

There’s no need to give so many reasons to explain why I love this store. Every detail is unique and original. I’m a little bit homesick these last weeks, looking forward to feeling the sun and the calmness that I have every time that I go back home. Due to this, I’ve been doing a research on the latest products of the new season Spring Summer 12, just imagining how wonderful it would be to have a sunny day right now (instead of these grey skies that we have in Chicago almost every single day). Anthropologie bring us a beautiful choice of products for this new season.

Enjoy my selection!



Please, contact me if you have any questions about prices or directions.





Winter time in Chicago

15 Ene

There’s no possible way to wear a trendy outfit with this freezing cold in Chicago…

Fashion´s Night Out Chicago

9 Sep

Ralph Lauren Grill Chicago

Giorgio Armani Michigan Avenue

Top Shop Chicago Grand Opening