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Warm New York

23 Abr

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting New York in a very quick trip before coming back to Spain. During my day in the big city, I spent some hours just shopping around the most fashionable neighborhoods like Nolita or Soho. I was trying to make up my mind between so much incredible and totally original stuff that I had seen while I was walking around the city, when I ran into one of the most idyllic stores that I’ve ever seen.

The name was “Warm”, so inspirational, the perfect name for a place where you may spend hours looking at every single detail (carefully selected) in a quite comfy environment and being afraid of falling in love with every garment. I had the pleasure of meeting Felicia, one of the workers and the person who showed me most of the collection and Winnie Beattie, the entrepreneurial woman who set up this store with her husband. Warm was a project with the goal of sharing their love for sunshine, mountains, travel and family with the others. “Warm is for other urban hippies like them who live in the big city but want to go where it’s warm…”

Warm NY. Photo by RM

 Vanessa Bruno, Roseanna (my favourite brand at this moment), Surf Bazaar or Ashley Paige are some of the brands that you can find over the store, where you can also find kid’s clothing and accesories for you and your home.





This is the place that you can not miss if you want to see something different, an authentic and unique store. It turns out that the name can not fit better with the sensation that you’re going to feel from the very moment that you come inside the store. Enjoy your travel to the original and lovely side of fashion.


Warm , 181 Mott Street, New York NY, 10012.


Perfumes Gold

20 Abr

Los hábitos de compra han cambiado en los últimos años ya que, con la era del e-commerce, cada vez es más frecuente hacer todo tipo de compras online sin necesidad de desplazarse hasta el punto de venta. Lo mejor llega cuando además de no tener que moverte de casa, puedes encontrar todo lo que quieres a precios INMEJORABLES vía Internet.

Esta fue mi sorpresa cuando recibí en casa un paquete inesperado con mi fragancia preferida, Chloé, todo un detalle para presentarme

Perfumes Gold es un espacio online donde puedes encontrar fragancias de primeras marcas como Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Loewe o Narciso Rodríguez a precios más que atractivos (imposibles de encontrar en otra perfumería online), como por ejemplo el último lanzamiento de Bvlgari, Omnia Coral, un placer para los sentidos!

No podéis pasar sin echar una ojeada a la web, realmente merece la pena, grandes ofertas y una gama inmensa de fragancias donde elegir.

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